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Who to root for in the playoffs this year, National League edition

The team named for beer-making seems like the best choice for Mets fans in the NL.

League Championship Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Milwaukee Brewers - Game One

With the postseason officially set to get underway this evening with the National League Wild Card game between the Milwaukee Brewers and Washington Nationals, we are sadly without the Mets, who ended the season on an optimistic note that capped a great second half that unfortunately left the team on the outside looking in.

So let’s take a look at the National League teams that did make it to see which ones might be of rooting interest for Mets fans—not that there’s anything that comes close to the Mets being in the postseason themselves.

Atlanta Braves

What’s to like: If you’re capable of being totally objective and divorcing yourself from the Mets’ longstanding rivalry with the Braves and the awfulness of the chop, you might be able to get on board with this version of the team. Ronald Acuña Jr. has emerged as one of the best players in baseball at a very young age, and Ozzie Albies has been very good and is pretty young, too. And perhaps most importantly to Mets fans, Jerry Blevins is in Atlanta’s bullpen.

What’s not to like: They’re the Braves. They do the chop incessantly in Atlanta. Brian McCann is on the team. Freddie Freeman has an alliterative nickname for a middle name. And again, they’re the Braves.

Rooting rating: 1/10

Los Angeles Dodgers

What’s to like: Chase Utley is gone. Clayton Kershaw is one of the greatest pitchers of all time. Justin Turner is still around, if you were into him as a player back when he was on the Mets. Cody Bellinger may be the second-best player in baseball behind Mike Trout.

What’s not to like: Julio Urias remains on the roster after a DV suspension earlier this year. If you weren’t a fan of Justin Turner or get annoyed that he’s been good since leaving the Mets, that might work against the Dodgers. Pedro Baez is notoriously slow when it comes to delivering pitches. The Mets have ousted the Dodgers from the playoffs twice in the past decade-and-a-half, but perhaps you still hold a grudge against them.

Rooting rating: 5/10

Milwaukee Brewers

What’s to like: Christian Yelich would be the easiest answer here, as seeing him thrive after leaving the Marlins is a nice bit of schadenfreude. But he’s hurt and done for the season. Yasmani Grandal has made the Mets look bad for not signing him, and Keston Hiura has been one of the more exciting rookies in baseball—when healthy. Oh and they’re playing the Nationals in the Wild Card game.

What’s not to like: If the Brewers hadn’t been so dominant in September, the Mets might have had a real shot at making the postseason in the final days of the regular season.

Rooting rating: 8/10

St. Louis Cardinals

What’s to like: They’re playing the Braves in the NLDS. They’re not quite as annoying as they once were, and they’ve succeeded despite not having any great hitters—at least judging by 2019 stats—on their roster. At the veery least, they’re the lesser of two evils in their first matchup.

What’s not to like: They’re still the Cardinals, and Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina are still around. If they hang around, you’ll hear about the “best fans in baseball” a bunch.

Rooting rating: 4/10

Washington Nationals

What’s to like: Did you know that the Nationals have never won a playoff series? Juan Soto is a legitimately exciting young player, and Sean Doolittle seems like a pretty easy guy to root for—perhaps in part because he was awful against the Mets this season.

What’s not to like: #Natitude

Rooting rating: 2/10


Which National League team would you prefer to see win the pennant?

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  • 5%
    Atlanta Braves
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  • 14%
    Los Angeles Dodgers
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  • 43%
    Milwaukee Brewers
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  • 3%
    St. Louis Cardinals
    (8 votes)
  • 4%
    Washington Nationals
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