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This Week in Mets Quotes: Your 2019 New York Mets

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at New York Mets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Your 2019 New York Mets.

(This will be the last ‘This Week in Mets Quotes’ of the 2019 season. As in prior years, I will refrain from editorializing this post and let the team speak for themselves. Thank you to everyone for reading, recommending SiteBots/QOTW (MetsFan4Decades = MVP4Decades) and your continued support of the series. Enjoy the offseason!)

“For me, all I wanted to do was get back this year. I didn’t care what I did for the rest of the year, all I cared about was my team winning. We obviously got eliminated, but we fought until the last week. You can’t count this group out. I couldn’t have dreamed of anything like this. If I had gone up there and gotten out, I still would have been just as happy, just as satisfied to make it back into a game. … I don’t even know what to say, how to think. I can’t even wrap my head around everything right now.”” -Dom Smith [New York Post/MLB]

“That’s how you fucking do it [reacting to Joe Panik’s Home Run that momentarily took the lead].” -Pete Alonso [Chris McShane’s Lip Reading]

“[On his home run that tied the Rookie record Home Run] When I was rounding the bases I felt like a little kid, like a 7-year-old kid. I was just kind of overcome with pure joy and emotion. I can’t think of a happier time in my life playing baseball. That’s what dreams for me are made of. It’s unbelievable that it happened.” -Pete Alonso [New York Post]

“When I think of guys like baseball history, I think of old-time guys like Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Barry Bonds. To think that as a rookie, I hit more homers than everyone except for one guy, it’s nuts. It’s crazy.” -Pete Alonso [New York Post]

“There is no better person to share [Rookie Home Run record] with. He’s eventually going to break it. I know that for sure. I am happy for him. I got a chance to meet him this year and chat with him a little bit. No better individual to represent not only the Mets, but the city of New York. He’s going to do a lot of special things over his long career. I am excited for him. It’s just the beginning for him. The first of many records he is going to break.” -Aaron Judge [New York Daily News]

“I knew it was going to happen eventually. Just the type of swing he has, watching some of his at-bats early on in the year, I said this kid, this one is special. He has something about him. You saw the grit and determination in that home run derby too. He’s got that ‘It’ factor. I wasn’t following it too much, but excited about the news.” -Aaron Judge [New York Daily News]

“There is nothing wrong with some friendly competition, but I feel that is really good for the city and to have good players, not just here but in Queens, but to have good players over there. I feel that is a really good thing and great thing for the city.” -Pete Alonso [New York Post]

[After breaking the Rookie HR Record, Alonso’s Mom asked how was he]

“I’m good. I’m good.” -Pete Alonso [MLB]

“I’m so proud of you.” -Pete Alonso’s Mom [MLB]

“Everybody knows what kind of team we have right now. A lot of young players, like Pete [Alonso], [Jeff] McNeil, [Amed] Rosario and those guys, you know. They have something special here.” -Juan Lagares [New York Post]

“I was excited for [going two innings then being shutdown for the season]. I like going multiple innings, so I feel like that was a proper way to end the season.” -Seth Lugo [MLB]

“I do want to start, but pitching in relief is fun. Getting in saves, finishing a game, that’s a lot of fun, too. That’s kind of the way I’ve approached the last couple years is, ‘Yeah, starting’s fun, my No. 1 goal. But pitching in relief is fun, too.’ As long as I’m on the team, that makes me happy.” -Seth Lugo [MLB]

“This is the only organization I have played for, since 2006, so I feel blessed to play for that long and it’s probably going to be sad. I hope I can stay here, but nobody knows.” -Juan Lagares [New York Post]

“Damn, man, I was hurt a lot. But the way I play you never know what’s going to happen. It’s something that you don’t know. Things just happened. I always wanted to play hard. Every time I got the opportunity, I just want to give my best to help the team.” -Juan Lagares [New York Post]

“[Lagares’] been a total pro. He’s been here a long time and whether he was playing or not he was out here supporting his teammates and working hard to continue to improve. We used him in late situations for defense, he never complained, he could have easily done that, so he has been a total professional and I’m glad he is here on our team.” -Mickey Callaway [New York Post]

“Oh for sure [I would return to the Mets]. Listen, I’ve really, really enjoyed this clubhouse and staff here. It’s been a fun few months for me. Playing in New York, I grew up here and I love the passion here.” -Joe Panik [North Jersey]

“[My injury] lingering, let’s just put it that way. I certainly know I have the skill set to play every day. It’s just a matter of getting my body right. If I can continue to get the things that I need, I think I can. I don’t feel like I need to necessarily prove anything, but I’m an internally motivated person. It’s more about me just continuing to be the person that I am, and going about it and finding a way to get better every single day. Of course, you want to play well everywhere you go. But I’m very motivated by my internal drive.” -Jed Lowrie [MLB]