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53 by the Numbers

The ins and outs of Pete Alonso’s monster rookie season

MLB: Atlanta Braves at New York Mets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Every Rookie of the Year has a story to tell. Pete Alonso has 53...

  • Alonso hit 53 home runs in 2019, tied for 27th most in MLB history
  • The average distance was 414 feet, which is 6 feet further than Citi Field’s deepest pocket
  • Added together, Alonso’s home runs traveled 4.15 miles, as far from Citi Field as the Throgs Neck Bridge or the Astoria beer garden
  • Alonso’s longest home run was 474 feet, or 1.32 football fields
  • Alonso’s 27 home runs hit at Citi Field are the most ever hit by a Met at home
  • Alonso hit home runs off of 18 different teams, out of 20 opponents the Mets faced
  • Alonso hit home runs in 16 out of 19 stadiums the Mets played in in 2019
  • Alonso hit 25 home runs against NL East opponents
  • Alonso hit 25 home runs against playoff teams
  • Alonso hit home runs off of 50 different pitchers, including Stephen Strasburg, Cole Hamels, Yu Darvish, Patrick Corbin, Aaron Nola, Dallas Keuchel, and Madison Bumgarner
  • Alonso’s average exit velocity on home runs was 108 miles per hour, fast enough to get you a ticket on Germany’s autobahn
  • On average, we had to wait 3.5 days between Alonso’s home runs; the longest wait was 10 days
  • Alonso hit home runs in all nine standard innings, plus one in the 16th inning
  • Alonso hit home runs off of nine different pitch types: 2-seamer, 4-seamer, changeup, curveball, knuckle curve, sinker, slider, and split finger
  • There are 12 different possible ball-strike counts and Alonso hit home runs on all of them

Congratulations, Pete!