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Amazin’ Avenue Winter Meetings Special, Day Two: BUSINESS AS USUAL

On the second day of the Winter Meetings, we discuss a whole lot of business as usual in Mets land, as well as one of the best free agents available re-signing with a division rival.

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In today’s second installment of the first ever Amazin Avenue Winter Meetings Special, Kenny, Liam, and Thomas discuss the day’s spate of quotes from Mets General Manager Brodie Van Wagenen at the Winter Meetings, before devolving into a rousing conversation about the knighthood of new Mets bench coach Sir Hensley Meulens.

After, they discuss Stephen Strasburg agreeing to sign a 7 year $245 million contract to stay with the Nationals, and what that means for the other four teams in the NL East heading into 2020. They then wrap up with a discussion of how the Strasburg contract compares to the Jacob deGrom extension, before running through some quick reactions to smaller signings and stories from the meetings.

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We will be back tomorrow, with another episode discussing all of the events and breaking news from the third day of the 2019 Winter Meetings.