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Amazin’ Avenue Winter Meetings Special, Day Five: Finale

With the Winter Meetings having ended yesterday, we take a look at the state of the team looking forward, and what is left to be done this offseason.

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In the finale of the first (and potentially only?...) ever Amazin Avenue Winter Meetings Special, Kenny and Lukas discuss the Rick Porcello signing, and discuss how the starting rotation might play out.

After, they review the Mets moves during the last few days, and discuss the state of the roster as it stands, and the remaining moves they feel need to be made before the season starts.

They wrap up by discussing the Yoenis Cespedes contract settlement, and initial reactions.

If you made it this far, five episodes deep, thanks so much for listening. We may be back in this sort of capacity, we might not. Life is weird like that sometimes.

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