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Stephen Nogosek clears waivers, Chris Mazza gets claimed by Red Sox

Mets win one, lose one in roster moves to make room for Michael Wacha and Rick Porcello.

MLB: New York Mets at Philadelphia Phillies James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

The Mets’ signing of Michael Wacha and Rick Porcello at the Winter Meetings added bodies to the back end of the rotation, but each signing necessitated a corresponding move to add the pitchers to the team’s 40 man roster.

After placing reliever Chris Mazza on waivers in order to clear room for Wacha, the Mets followed by placing another reliever, Stephen Nogosek, on waivers in order to add Porcello to the roster. Today came news that while Nogosek cleared waivers and was added back to the team’s minor league roster, Mazza was claimed by the Boston Red Sox, who will need to add the pitcher to their 40 man roster.

Both right-handed relievers struggled in brief appearances with the Mets in 2019, though Nogosek is younger (24 to Mazza’s 30) and had more success in the minors last year, posting a 0.798 WHIP over 31.1 relief innings in AAA. As such, Nogosek will still potentially provide a depth option for a bullpen that struggled mightily in 2019, and has yet to add any additional pieces this offseason beyond whichever starter does not make the 2020 rotation.