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Baseball Prospectus writer and A Pod of their Own guest Jen Ramos critically injured

A beloved member of the baseball community has been the victim of a horrific drunk driving incident and the family is raising money for their treatment

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It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that Jen Ramos, a wonderfully talented baseball writer and analyst who appeared on A Pod of their Own this past summer, has been critically injured in a drunk driving crash that also killed their husband.

We are asking the Amazin’ Avenue community to support the Go Fund Me started by their family to help cover the cost of their medical care, which is enormous.

Jen has been working with Baseball Prospectus for a number of years and has been involved in such unique and important projects as collecting women’s baseball statistics. They are a remarkable and brilliant person and need every bit of support they can get as they face the unimaginable.

Thank you, Jen, for always sharing your unique voice with us. We anxiously await your return to a field that is much improved by your presence. And thank you to our readers for keeping them and their family in your thoughts.