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Amazin’ Avenue Winter Meetings Special, Day One: SLAPDICK PROSPECT

With the Winter Meetings starting today, let’s take a look at where the Mets stand, and what we expect to come during the week’s meetings.

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Welcome to the first ever Amazin Avenue Winter Meetings Special focusing on all of the major events and news that happened on that particular day of Major League Baseball’s Winter Meetings. For the next three to four days Kenny, Lukas, and Liam, will be bringing you short episodes covering each day of the Winter Meetings, which are taking place from Sunday, December 8 through Thursday, December 12 in San Diego, California.

First, Kenny, Lukas, and Liam preview the 2019 Winter Meetings, and the typical events that happen there, before heading into a longer discussion of the Jake Marisnick trade and Brad Brach signing as a discussion of where the Mets stand heading into the Meetings.

After, they discuss their hopes for what the Mets accomplish during the Winter Meetings, as well as their expectations for what the Mets will actually do.

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We will be back tomorrow, with another episodes discussing all of the events and breaking news from the first two days of the 2019 Winter Meetings.