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Jed Lowrie to get MRI on knee

The infielder has been dealing with a little pain for a few days.

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

New York Mets infielder Jed Lowrie will be getting an MRI tomorrow following some soreness and pain behind his left knee, reported Anthony DiComo. DiComo also said that the Mets aren’t too concerned about the severity of the injury and are just erring on the side of caution.

Lowrie hasn’t been too active so far just a couple days into spring training activities. He didn’t take ground balls yesterday or today and showed up late to batting practice on Tuesday, according to the Daily News’ Deesha Thosar.

“I wouldn’t say (the pain) has intensified,” Lowrie said to Thosar. “There was a fair bit of pain and it’s kind of remained the same.”

The reaction to any Mets injury is always going to be pretty pessimistic given the team’s track record. That it is Lowrie, one of the Mets’ newest signings, is another cause for concern. And added on top of all of that, Lowrie has a pretty extensive injury history, as we covered shortly after the Mets signed him. That confluence of circumstance will understandably have Mets fans worried, possibly unjustly.

Thosar’s story also includes some information from Mickey Callaway, who said that he wants Lowrie to get around 40 at-bats in spring training before he would comfortable with him being ready for Opening Day. If he wouldn’t be ready to go, third base duties would most likely be split between Todd Frazier and J.D. Davis.

There are five weeks left of spring training—essentially the whole thing—so there’s plenty of time for Lowrie to heal up if it’s not too serious.