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The 2019 AARGH: Amazin’ Avenue Regional Gathering Here

Let’s watch a Mets game together over some great beers.

Chris McShane

We’ve decided to do this a bit later than we have in years past, but the time for the 2019 AARGH—Amazin’ Avenue Regional Gathering Here—has come. We’ll be meeting up at Mikkeller at Citi Field on Saturday, March 30 to watch the Mets’ second game of the regular season on TV and indulge in the delicious beer and food available at the brewery.

In the past, we’ve typically done these things a bit later in the day, but we’ll get started at 12 PM EDT and settle in for what will presumably be a Noah Syndergaard-Stephen Strasburg pitching matchup as the Mets and Nationals come off a Jacob deGrom-Max Scherzer contest on Opening Day on the 28th.

The 7 train is running to Willets Point—just not all the way to Main Street—which makes getting to and from this AARGH manageable from anywhere in the city. So come out and enjoy the food, drink, and televised baseball with us from within the structure that will host the Mets’ home opener the following Thursday.