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Final score: Mets 9, Twins 6—Never easy

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The Mets were up 9-1 but made things interesting late in their victory.

Minnesota Twins v New York Mets Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The Mets won a sloppy Wednesday evening affair 9-6 over the Twins. Noah Syndergaard was brilliant for seven innings before running into trouble in the eighth, and Jeurys Familia stumbled initially in relief. Edwin Diaz was also less-than-perfect, allowing a solo home run in a non-save situation, though he did manage to protect the lead to close out the game.

Offensively, the Mets continued to roll, though that was largely due to an implosion from the Twins’ bullpen. After being no-hit for the first 4.1 innings, nine straight Mets reached base, seven of them via walks or HBPs. That implosion by three Twins’ pitchers led to six Met runs, and three more runs courtesy of Michael Conforto and Jeff McNeil in the eighth gave the Mets just enough insurance to weather the rocky pitching performance.

With their opening home stand complete, the Mets will head on a ten game road trip, facing off against the Braves in Atlanta tomorrow evening. Steven Matz will face off against Kevin Gausman in the first of a four game set.

Full recap to follow.

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