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Jacob deGrom may not get an MRI

The Mets have seemingly reversed course on yesterday’s decision.

MLB: New York Mets at Chicago Cubs Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

After news yesterday that the Mets were sending Jacob deGrom back to New York for an MRI, it turns out that he may not undergo an MRI after all. Doctors are apparently on board with this decision, which came shortly after deGrom was seen playing catch in left field prior to Saturday’s game with the Cardinals.

On the one hand, it suggests deGrom’s issues may be less serious than initially feared. Perhaps slipping from his usual routine due to illness (compounded by potential side effects from amoxicillin, a typical strep throat prescription than can cause joint pain) led to a bit more fatigue than usual and caused the “barking” elbow the Mets were concerned about. At the same time, Met fans will no doubt recall a similar incident in 2017 where Noah Syndergaard refused to undergo an MRI, then tore his lat in his next start and missed three months of the season.

For whatever it’s worth, deGrom said he felt “completely normal” after throwing today, and plans to make his next start when he’s eligible to come off the injured list later this month. Hopefully he’s right, and the Mets’ decision not get a full medical workup doesn’t lead to any complications down the line.