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Final Score: Reds 5, Mets 4—Red Flags

Edwin Diaz was human and the Mets left too many men on base.

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at New York Mets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Zack Wheeler looked shaky in the second inning, yielding four runs to the Reds, but ultimately settled in to give the Mets seven innings and held the Reds there. The Mets clawed back to tie it with two runs in the second and another two runs in the fourth, when they benefitted from two bases loaded walks by Reds pitching.

The game stayed knotted at four until the ninth and the Mets let many scoring chances fall by the wayside. The Mets turned to Edwin Diaz for the third day in a row to pitch the top of the ninth and give them a chance to walk it off. However, Diaz for one of the first times in a Mets uniform was fallible, giving up a solo home run to Jesse Winker that put the Reds ahead. Raisel Iglesias struck out the side in his second inning of work in the bottom of the ninth to nail down the victory for the Reds in the first game of this four-game series at Citi Field.

Full recap to follow.

GameThread Roll Call

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