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The Mets & the MCU: A deep dive into Citi Field and the Avengers: Endgame trailer

Warning spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War ahead

MLB: Kansas City Royals at New York Mets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Avengers: Endgame is one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year, and is expected to break many box office records and, by all accounts, the movie is worthy of the hype.

Ever since Avengers: Infinity War hit theaters last year, fans were desperate for any footage from the sequel and they got a taste during this year’s Super Bowl. Met fans however, were in for a bit of shock when a barren Citi Field was shown during the preview. It is a quick two-second shot, but what can be gleaned from that tiny preview now that we know the Mets exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

From what we can see, Citi Field is completely empty but there are plenty of cars still in the parking lot, including what looks like yellow cabs and media trucks. What this leads me to believe is that unfortunately for the Mets, they got Thanosed mid-game. But which game was it? Where do they fit in the Avengers timeline?

Fortunately we have other clues. In both of the Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home trailers we see a shot of Peter Parker in his room with a Mike Piazza Hall of Fame pennant behind him.

One of the most heartbreaking scenes in Infinity War was when a young, terrified Peter Parker turns to dust in Tony Stark’s arms. Clearly, he was alive in 2016 to get the pennant and since Spider-Man: Homecoming was released in July 2017, it probably follows his school year from 2016-2017. There is one theory that Homecoming actually takes place in the year 2020, so that leaves us quite a few games to comb through including some that haven’t happened yet.

Going back to the shot in Endgame, the diamond is barely visible, so it would seem that it has been neglected for awhile. Perhaps this scene takes place months after The Snap and not immediately following the incident. Those who survived took their cars and went home, which leaves the ownerless cars left in the parking lot. The lot is still pretty full considering the fact that potentially half the attendees went home, so the game was probably well attended to begin with.

If we keep with the original theory that Spider-Man takes place in 2017 and The Snap happens after that, there aren’t many games to choose from that were well attended that summer for the Mets. They were in the midst of a losing season and a selloff of players that would soon become free agents. The only one that stands out is the Thor bobblehead day. It would be somewhat fitting that Thanos would destroy the universe on a day that the Mets were honoring a player based on one of his closest rivals.

Infinity War came out in April of 2018 but if everything to 2020 is fair game, then another option is the David Wright game. The Mets universe underwent a seismic shift losing our Captain so the Marvel Universe should reflect that. That game went 14 innings so there is a real possibility it was never concluded and Wright is still officially on the active roster.

However, that would also mean no Cy Young for Jacob deGrom and no massive home runs from Pete Alonso. We can only hope the Avengers will set things right and restore our heroes back to us, even if it means losing our Captain America all over again.

Finally, a nice gesture by Tony Stark as a sorry-you-turned-to-dust gift would be to buy the Mets for his protege Peter Parker and fill up the stands at Citi Field once again.