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Amazin’ Avenue Audio (The Show), Episode 1: The Good, the Bad, and the Mickey

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This week, we bring back the flagship show.

Welcome to Amazin’ Avenue Audio (The Show), the new/old favorite from Amazin’ Avenue editors Chris McShane and Brian Salvatore.

This week, Chris and Brian discuss the first six games of the Mets season, breaking down some offensive highlights and praising Jacob deGrom with all of our hearts.

Next up, we try to solve the enigma that is Mickey Callaway.

And, finally, we play a fun game of Would You Rather?

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If you’ve got questions that you’d like us to discuss on the air, email the show at

Check out for all your Mets needs, and make sure to follow the site on Twitter (@AmazinAvenue), as well as the hosts, Brian (@BrianNeedsaNap) and Chris (@ChrisMcShane).

And, until next time, Let’s Go Mets.