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Final score: Marlins 8, Mets 6—Baseball is great

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The Mets got into a big hole and never got out of it.

New York Mets v Miami Marlins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

For the first time in six games against them this year, the Mets lost to the Marlins in a game that ended 8-6 in Miami’s favor but felt far worse than that from the Mets’ perspective.

Jacob deGrom got very little help from his defense in this one, but he also wasn’t good. In total, he went five innings and gave up seven runs, six of which were earned, ending the night with a 3.98 ERA on the season. He struck out three and didn’t walk anyone, for what it’s worth.

While the Mets made a bit of a comeback after getting down 7-1 by the end of deGrom’s outing, they came up short. The highlight of the game from their perspective was that Pete Alonso hit two home runs.

Full recap to follow.

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