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Final Score: Mets 5, Nationals 3-Fontastic Four

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The Mets won a game!

Washington Nationals v New York Mets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

After quite an eventful day leading up to game time, the Mets defeated the Nationals by a score of 5-3 at Citi Field.

Amed Rosario and Pete Alonso brought the thunder early when they both hit solo shots in the first to put the Mets on the board. They tacked on another two runs in the third on back-to-back RBI hits by Todd Frazier and Carlos Gomez and the Mets held a comfortable lead against Patrick Corbin.

Starting opposite him was Wilmer Font who was ok in four innings of work. He worked out of a jam in the first and did well keeping the Nationals in check. Both of the Washington runs came in the fourth inning, led by Anthony Rendon who continues to hit well against the Mets. He put the Nationals on the board with a solo home run and then Yan Gomes halved the lead with a RBI single.

The combination of Jeurys Familia and Daniel Zamora gave up a run in the eighth to allow the Nationals inch closer, but the Mets got the run back in the bottom of the inning to make it 5-3.

That left it up to Edwin Diaz who made it interesting but closed the door and stopped the losing streak.

Full recap to follow.

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