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Final Score: Mets 5, Cubs 4 - The Scooter and Squirrel Show

Conforto and McNeil continued their excellent seasons in this back and forth affair.

MLB: New York Mets at Chicago Cubs Jim Young-USA TODAY Sports

The Mets, behind a not-great start from Jason Vargas, defeated the Cubs behind Yu Darvish, 5-4 this afternoon at Wrigley Field. Despite a few very close calls, the Mets were able to put the game away behind some solid relief pitching and timely hitting from two of their young stars.

The game was a back and forth contest all day, with the Mets and Cubs trading leads five times. Michael Conforto and Jeff McNeil both added to their All-Star bonafides with home runs, and multiple runs scored. All five runs of the game were either scored or driven in by McNeil and Conforto.

Vargas did not have his best start of the season, but avoided meltdowns in a few critical areas. All told, he gave up four runs, two earned, in four and two-thirds innings, striking out three and walking two. The bullpen kept the Cubs from scoring any additional runs, with four and a third innings from Brooks Pounder, Seth Lugo, and Edwin Diaz.

Full recap to follow.

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