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2019 Mets draft profile: Brett Baty

With their first selection in the 2019 draft, the Mets selected Brett Baty, a third baseman from Texas.

Born: Spicewood, Texas

Age: 19 (11/13/1999)

Height/Weight: 6’3”/210 lbs.

Position: 3B

Bats/Throws: L/R

School: Lake Travis High School (Austin, Texas)

Entering Lake Travis High School, Baty was a three-sport star, playing football, basketball, and baseball. Despite the fact that coaches across Texas were able to eventually envision him playing college football on a Division I team, he decided to drop football in his sophomore year, instead focusing on just basketball and baseball. While not as good playing hoops than he was either on the gridiron or on the diamond, Baty wasn’t half bad of a basketball player. Appearing in 72 games for the Cavaliers, he averaged 9 points per game, 2 assists per game, 5 rebounds per game, and one steal per game. Even though the Lake Travis High School basketball team regularly won and made regionals during his time on the team, and the fact that his father was the coach, Baty eventually decided to focus on baseball alone.

In his first T-ball at-bat as a youngster, Brett Baty hit a home run, and likewise, in his first year on the varsity baseball team, the left-hander was extremely impressive. That year, 2016, he hit .392/.468/.554 in 28 games, walking 11 times, striking out 4 times, slugging 1 home run, and 2 bases in 2 attempts. He hit well in his sophomore year, and in his junior year, in addition to hitting .435/.622/.953 in with 12 home runs and also spent significant time on the mound, posting a 1.35 ERA over 33.1 innings, allowing 16 hits, walking 13, and striking out 38. As good as Baty was in prior seasons, he really kicked things up a notch in 2019, his senior season. Helping lead the Cavaliers to a 37-4 record and the Class 6A regional tournament, Baty appeared in 37 games through draft day and is hitting .615/.736/1.333 with 44 walks, 9 strikeouts, 19 home runs, and 10 stolen bases. In addition, he spent time on the mound once again, posting a 0.84 ERA in 41.2 innings pitched, allowing 19 hits, walking 12, and striking out 79.

Of note, Baty is old for a prep player. At 19-and-a-half, he is five months older than the next notable prep player in the 2019 MLB Draft, and is older than even some college freshman. As is the case with many young athletes, Baty was held back a year; in his case, he stayed back a year in fifth grade at Spicewood Elementary School where his mother, Leslie, was principal.

At the plate, Baty has a wide base, and sets his hands up with his hands close to his body. He has a small leg kick and stride, and the ball jumps off his bat, regularly registering exit velocities of 100+ MPH. His swing is smooth and easy, generating power through a combination of his own raw strength, his quick bat, and the torque from his lower half. He has a natural feel for hitting and is able to use the entire field, really driving the ball. Center and Left-center is his power alley, and Baty is able to hit majestic home runs when his arms are able to get fully extended. He has a good eye, with an advanced recognition of breaking pitches, and comes to the plate with a plan. He is able to work the count, fouling away pitches, taking close ones, laying off borderline pitches, and generally dueling with the pitcher to get into a favorable count.

Defensively, Baty is currently capable third baseman. He is an athletic 6’3”, 210-pounds, possessing the body of the prototypical slugging third baseman. His strongest asset there is his arm, which grades out as well above-average and capable of hitting 90 MPH. His mobility is something of a concern, as he is lacking quick-twitch muscle. He is slow to react, his footwork is subpar, and he is unable to quickly range on fast plays, resulting in him not being able to get to every ball hit to him at the hot corner. Evaluators have concern that he will eventually be forced to move off of third base, either to first base or possibly left or right field, though his below-average speed will be of concern in the outfield as well.

Baty has a commitment to the University of Texas.