Report--the ex-Mets

Since it's not that much fun following the current Mets, here's a report of the ex-Mets:

There aren't too many hitters that would make us regret letting them go. Jay Bruce has 21 homers, but I don't think we regret not having him, probably because we had him twice without success. Of course there's Justin Turner, hitting .301, but hopefully we got over his blossoming quite a while ago.

Here are the rest:
Daniel Murphy, Colorado, now playing 1st base. Hitting .280, only 5 HR
Asdrubal Cabrera TEX .228 11 HR
Travis D'Arnold-TB 2.08 5 hr
Wilmer Flores AR IL 2.81 2 hr
Kevin Plawecki CLE .193 2 hr
Lucas Duda, KC .179 in 80 at bats after returning from a back injury
Neil Walker, MIA .280 5 hr

Pitchers-this hurts a little because every one of these guys seems to be doing better than he did with the Mets.

Matt Harvey LAA (2-4, 4.02) IL
Jerry Blevins, ATL 14 innings, 4.40
!!! Tommy Milone, SEA 42 innings, 2.95

This one is unbelieveable:
!!!! Hansel Robles LAA-39 games, 37 innings, 3.11, 11 saves (of his 14 career saves)

Last but not least:
Oliver Perez, CLE 23 innings, 3.04 ERA, still refusing to go to the minors for the Mets

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