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Final Score: Giants 3, Mets 2 — The Tenth Circle

The Mets wasted sixteen innings and nearly five hours on their way to a loss in San Francisco.

New York Mets v. San Francisco Giants Photo by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

With most hope lost, the sane fans asleep, and morale at an all time low, it looked as if Pete Alonso would play the hero after his sixteenth inning home run, but a pair of Giants runs in the bottom half secured their 3-2 win over the cursed Mets. All together, it took 15 pitchers and 16 innings of play for a winner to be declared as the Wild Card rematch between Noah Syndergaard and Madison Bumgarner became nothing more than a distant memory lost to the sands of time after the eleventh scoreless inning in a row was shown before your eyes.

In a display of irony that even Alanis Morissette would find a bit excessive, the Mets bullpen had no issue throwing a nine-inning shutout with Seth Lugo, Luis Avilan, Edwin Diaz, Jeurys Familia, Robert Gsellman, Justin Wilson, and Chris Mazza all coming together to dwarf the Giants before things completely fell apart just after Alonso’s homer in the sixteenth.

With three outs standing between the Mets and a victory against the Giants, Chris Mazza recorded exactly zero of them allowing the Giants to score twice in the inning with Donovan Solano delivering the killing blow on his RBI single.

Full recap to follow.

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