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This Week in Mets Quotes: The Mets aren’t happy, Lockett feels good

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

San Diego Padres v New York Mets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Your 2019 New York Mets: We’re not happy.

“We’re not happy about the way this series has gone. We had a lot of opportunities to win all those games. It’s frustrating, but all we can do is move forward.” -Michael Conforto [MLB]

The ability for athletes to process information like this in real time always amuses me.

“Right as I was crossing second I took a peek at the left fielder and [Dom Smith] looked tentative. I know I’ve been in that situation before. Once you’re tentative on those balls anything can happen. I was going as hard as I could, and once it dropped I was going to do everything I could to head home.” -Alex Dickerson [MLB]

My co-workers did the same thing when I filed my first bank reconciliation.

“[In Pete Alonso’s recollection, the Mets’ postgame fete of Walker Lockett at Oracle Park included “beer, shaving cream, mayonnaise, ketchup, maybe some baby powder.” Alonso would know. Following his first career home run in April, the Mets stuffed Alonso onto a laundry cart and doused him with a similar cocktail. They repeated the process Saturday for Lockett, after he won his first game in an 11-4 Mets victory over the Giants.] “I think the only thing that was missing was the mustard. But we got him good.” -Peter Alonso [MLB]

Walker Lockett would not have remembered his first major league win without this.

“It’s [Lockett’s] first big league win. You’ve definitely got to make it memorable for him.” -Dominic Smith [MLB]

That’s ‘typical’?

“I think [Walter Lockett] can be a long-term option at the back end. He throws strikes. He’s a competitor. He’s very comfortable out there. You don’t see a lot of nerves. You don’t see the typical, ‘Oh, I’m trying to stay up here in the big leagues’ type mentality. You see a guy that has confidence in his stuff, and he has some plus weapons to get guys out.” -Walker Lockett [MLB]

Feels good, man.

“It feels good, man. It feels good. Especially after having some not-so-good starts, and OK starts, it feels good.” -Walker Lockett [MLB]

“[Hitting three home runs in a game is] something special. As a player, there’s things you sometimes you want to accomplish to see how it feels — and it feels good.” -Robinson Cano [New York Post]

Hell yeah.

“It’s about having that mindset that I can compete with the best of them. Sometimes, I’ll say something in the locker room and people will be like ‘Dude, you’re such a kid.’ On the field, though, I act like I’m the best out there. Age doesn’t matter there.” -Simeon Woods Richardson [Newsday]

Again, hell yeah.

“That’s the goal. Being the guy, that horse in the rotation. I want a winning record, to dominate and get a ring one day.” -Simeon Woods Richardson [Newsday]

Wait, the changeup is new?!?

“[Josh Towers] said he was immediately impressed by Woods Richardson and while the teenager’s fastball has long been his calling card, this year he’s also added a changeup to his arsenal. “The kid’s got a gift and special stuff, but that changeup, for me, is his difference-maker. He tells me, ‘I can see the pitch before I throw it and what it’s going to do.’ That’s next level stuff.” Columbia pitching coach Josh Towers [Newsday]

Pete on breaking his bat over his knee.

“That was just frustration with that at-bat because I know I’m better than that. I hold myself to a high standard and I was just frustrated.” -Pete Alonso [MLB]

My bad, I thought it was easy.

“To hit .340, .350, it’s not easy. Pitchers realize that [McNeil’s] a tough out. Although he doesn’t hit 30 homers, in a lot of situations where you need to put the ball in play, get a hit, he’s a threat.” -Chili Davis [MLB]

Cano is really showing his experience working in the New York market...

“I’m happy that things are turning around so you guys aren’t killing me in the paper anymore.” -Robinson Cano [New York Post]

...which, unfortunately, Lisa Kelenic will have to learn.

“It still surprises me seeing him in New York newspapers after all this time. He’s 19. He was yours for 4 months. You broke up with him.” -Lisa Kelenic, Jarred Kelenic’s mother [Twitter]

There are more important things in life than baseball. Good luck, Doc.

“My apologies to everyone I let down or disappointed. I have no excuse for my action so I am going away for a while to try and save my life. This is the worst I’ve ever been through all my struggles. But I am going to keep fighting no matter how embarrassing, shameful or selfish I am feeling.” -Dwight Gooden [LA Times]

Mets Tweet of the Week

AA Quote of the Week

“Hate the idea of trading Noah. Convince me I’m wrong.” -brooklynberger

“Convince me to try to convince you. What’s my incentive?” -Edfonzo Algardo

“The greatest trick the Wilpons ever pulled was convincing the world that they wanted to win.” -MookiesTheMan

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

“Get rid of DOM NOW! Trade DOM for a bag of balls – in extra innings you have to catch a game saving catch! Dom shied away from a collision – which ended a game! Next game he should have been benched! Let’s say it’s the post season game on the line – “ I can’t catch that it involves my possibly being hurt! “ GET RID OF THIS cancer now NOT tomorrow! The look in this LOSER’s eyes as he avoided that catch tells the entire sad story! DOM showed his true colors – a loser!” -dakotamoon