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Mets rumored to prefer Braves, Padres as Noah Syndergaard trade partners

New York Mets v. San Francisco Giants Photo by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Fresh off this morning’s report that the Twins and Mets had discussed a Noah Syndergaard trade, Joel Sherman of the Post expanded upon some of the details of the Mets’ thinking as the team considers trading away a pitcher they absolutely do not have to trade. In short, Sherman says that the Braves and Padres are the teams the Mets would prefer to deal with, as their farm systems are best stacked to swing such a deal.

Sherman also notes that the Mets are telling teams they want the return for Syndergaard to include a pitcher who can go into the Mets’ rotation right now plus prospects. He also notes that the Mets aren’t as impressed with the Yankees’ or Astros’ available prospects, though he points out the team could just be covering for reports about not wanting to trade with the Yankees that made it look bad.

As a brief reminder, Noah Syndergaard has been a great pitcher in his major league career. While his 4.33 ERA and 3.64 FIP this year are not nearly as good as his previous work, he’s been among the better pitchers in baseball since coming up to the big leagues in 2015. He’s still under team control for two seasons after this one.