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Little movement in the trade markets for key Mets players

Deadline Day is here with limited news around Diaz, Syndergaard, or Wheeler

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MLB: New York Mets at Chicago White Sox Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

The trade is today at 4pm, and the Mets have made no official moves since Monday’s trade of Jason Vargas to Philadelphia. Additionally, there has been little change in the rumors surrounding their most likely trade candidates.

The Mets are reportedly still asking for the moon for Edwin Diaz and Noah Syndergaard, but teams aren’t budging on either and per Ken Rosenthal, the Mets may consider revisiting trades over the offseason. Performances like Diaz’s last night aren’t helping matters and Jon Heyman reports that the Red Sox, among other teams, are not impressed.

Industry consensus still points to a Zack Wheeler trade being the most likely outcome, due to his status as a pending free agent, but as Andy Martino suggests, the team’s winning streak may be cooling that market from the Mets’ perspective and the lack of any concrete rumors surrounding Wheeler in the past day may be notable in this context. Whether holding on to Wheeler is wise for a team still four games under .500 is another question.

Todd Frazier is another player whose value to the 2019 Mets is extremely limited outside of a trade scenario, but there has been no buzz about potential landing spots for some time and it may be that the up-and-down slugging third baseman doesn’t have many suitors in this low-key trading season.

Today is a day for surprise twists and mystery teams, though, so all bets are off until 4:01.