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Amazin’ Avenue Audio (The Show), Episode 13: Streaky, Shaky, and Selling

This week, Brian and Maggie lament and try to predict.

Welcome to Amazin’ Avenue Audio (The Show), the new/old favorite from Amazin’ Avenue editors Chris McShane and Brian Salvatore.

First up, this week Brian Salvatore is joined by Maggie Wiggin, co-host of A Pod of Their Own, to discuss the state of the Mets after a seven game losing streak.

We then discuss Steven Matz’s move to the bullpen, as well as the overall state of the Mets’ relief corps.

Finally, we look at what the Mets may get in return for some of their pending free agents, including Zack Wheeler, Jason Vargas, and Todd Frazier.

Maggie’s music pick:

Ingrid Michaelson - Be OK

Brian’s music pick:

Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers - Rock ‘n’ Roll with the Modern Lovers

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And, until next time, Let’s Go Mets.