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This Week in Mets Quotes: Pete Alonso thanks Mets fans, Panik is ecstatic

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

New York Mets v Atlanta Braves Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Your 2019 New York Mets: When guys’ shirts come off, it’s probably a pretty good day.

“When guys’ shirts come off, it’s probably a pretty good day. So that was a good one.” -Mickey Callaway [SNY]

Pete Alonso on celebrating Conforto’s walk-off against the Nats.

“Yeah, I was happy, I didn’t know what to do, so I just ripped [Conforto’s] jersey off.” -Peter Alonso [SNY]

Personally, I was holding my breath.

“[Todd Frazier’s home run] was fair the whole time. I was right there kind of in line with it. I knew it was fair the whole time. I watched it for about 10 feet off the bat and turned around and I think I was slapping high-fives with Phil Regan.” -Mickey Callaway [SNY]

Here’s one way to describe Citi Field during last week’s run...

“That was definitely playoff-type atmosphere tonight, and the young guys stepped up and did a great job.” -Mickey Callaway [SNY]

...and here’s a better way.

”There’s no doubt about it, we don’t win this game tonight if it isn’t for our fans. That was unbelievable. And they stuck around. We were down three in the ninth and the stadium was still packed. They were still believing, and our players did the job. So that was fantastic. It was like magic out there. There’s no other way to describe it. The fans packed this place out. It was rocking, so all of us players in the locker room and everybody on the staff, we really appreciate it because Citi Field was so electric. Thank you to all the fans who came out. Hopefully you guys can come out tomorrow and create that same type of atmosphere, because that’s so difficult for opposing teams to come into and have to overcome that adversity, so for us that’s much appreciated.” -Pete Alonso [SNY]

Asdrubal-Gate: Asdrubal son’s Meyer has a lot of sway in family decisions.

“They called me and told me they want to come back here. But, you know what, personally, they have the opportunity to keep me here in offseason and they bring in different guys from different teams. That was the one that make me, I told my family, my kids, and my son, Meyer, he was the one to tell me to come back to Washington. Best I do for him. That’s why I made the decision.” -Asdrubal Cabrera [Sports.Yahoo]

“They called me before they sign Lowrie, they call me, a week [before], we’d love to you back. They never call me back. A week later they sign Lowrie. My son [Meyer] was the one, it breaks his feelings. He wanted to come back so bad. It is what it is. Part of the business.” -Asdrubal Cabrera [Sports.Yahoo]

With apologies to Cabrera, when this business is good.

“I was ecstatic. You never know in this kind of situation what’s going to happen, it couldn’t work out any better for myself personally. I have a lot of family, a lot of friends in the area, so for me it would be coming to a club that’s hot right now, in a playoff push. It’s a great situation.” -Joe Panik [Twitter]

Couldn’t be happier for Guillorme for his first major league home run.

“It took a split-second to know. I don’t hit many of those, so it was a great feeling. That was one of the balls I’ve actually known off the bat that it was gone.” -Luis Guillorme [MLB]

“I’ve been up and down all year. I was just happy they believed in me to help the team win.” -Luis Guillorme [MLB]

“Outstanding. One of the reasons we wanted to keep Guillorme was so we’d have a left-handed bench bat, and he came through big tonight.” -Mickey Callaway [New York Post]

“I’ve been talking to him about it, because I had one first. I knew his was coming any day now, especially the way he hits [batting practice]. … I think he might hit the ball farther than Jeff [McNeil] in BP.” -Seth Lugo [New York Post]

This does suck.

“It’s the same hamstring I felt earlier in the year. I didn’t feel a pop with that one, so hopefully it’s nothing worse than that. … Hopefully it’s maybe a cramp that I felt. This sucks.’’ -Jeff McNeil [New York Post]

Regarding Seth Lugo’s poor outing against the Braves.

“I’ll [bring in Lugo] 100 times out of 100. That’s the right move, in my mind.” -Mickey Callaway [MLB]

“I felt pretty good, but ultimately, Lugo’s been really good all year. That was the manager’s call.” -Steven Matz [MLB]

“We had the best reliever in baseball sitting down there.” -Mickey Callaway [MLB]

“I was just unlucky. I thought I made a bunch of good pitches. They didn’t really hit anything hard.” -Seth Lugo [MLB]

“You get Lugo in there, you hope for two zeroes, you have a chance to extend the lead -- you don’t know what the situation’s going to be two innings away from then, You also have Wilson down there ready to go. I felt like we could get it done with those three guys with three innings left, and we didn’t.” -Mickey Callaway [MLB]

Mets Tweet of the Week

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

“Can’t help but think Alonso has bought into his own hype. He excelled earlier this year by being patient and hitting to all fields. Last few weeks, he’s become a free swinging dead pull hitter. The sporadic HRs can’t keep covering for that.” -Devon Edwards

AA Quote of the Week

“I love the sense of unity and togetherness inspired by Mickey Callaway I mean, I have no idea how their clubhouse is – but the fanbase seems to be fairly aligned in thinking that he’s an arse.” -FlushtownFandom

“The Honeymoon Period Gets Ever Shorter His was about two weeks. I already think his replacement is an idiot.” -WT Economist