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Final Score: Mets 2, Indians 0 - A rainy Thorsday

After a rain delay longer than the game itself, the Mets held on to win.

MLB: Cleveland Indians at New York Mets Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Despite Major League Baseball’s best attempts to hurt a Mets or Indians player by having them play in pouring rain, the Mets beat the Indians tonight, 2-0, completing the sweep, and winning their fifth game in a row.

Noah Syndergaard started the game for the Mets and was perfect for the first 16 batters of the game. He eventually gave up two singles in the sixth inning, but ended the day with five strikeouts, two singles, and no walks.

Wilson Ramos was the offensive star of the game, driving in two with an opposite field single, extending his hitting streak to 16 games.

Syndergaard only threw six innings because, in the bottom of the sixth, the game entered a nearly two and a half hour rain delay. Jeurys Familia and Paul Sewald pitched scoreless innings in relief, before the game was delayed yet again in the bottom of the eighth. After another delay of about a half hour, the game was called, and the Mets finally had their sweep.

Full recap to follow.

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