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Dollars For Dingers: A Pod of Their Own faces off against Cuppa Cubbie Blue to raise money for domestic violence

A Pod of Their Own is calling on all Mets fans to make a pledge for the National Domestic Violence Hotline

A Pod Of Their Own Logo

When the three of us started A Pod of Their Own, a goal from the very beginning was to stay connected to the real-life side of sports, to touch on what really matters. We are taking that goal to the next level and raising money for the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

We are asking all Mets fans to commit to making a donation to the NDVH for every home run the Mets hit in the month of September - it can be big or small, every cent will make a difference.

The NDVH has been a resource for people in violent relationships for over two decades. They provide concrete services and support and bring a wealth of knowledge about violence, social services, and recovery. They are a worthy organization doing great work in an area where baseball is still trying to find its footing.

To add an extra twist - and give the Mets another chance to top the Cubs in something - we’re facing off against the listeners of the fantastic Cubs podcast Cuppa Cubbie Blue. If you want to take part in this facet of the competition, just enter your pledge in the spreadsheet here and it will automatically calculate how much each team is raising.

No amount is too small and you can use a nickname or pseudonym if you want to keep your donation anonymous - everyone will be on the honor system for submitting your own donation here when the month is over. And if you want to participate without signing up, you can follow our home run count-up over at @apodoftheirown and join in other activities we’ll be announcing in the coming weeks.

A great big thank you in advance to everyone who takes part in this, publicly or privately, and remember: there’s no crying in podcasting!