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Final Score: Mets 7, Nationals 6 - WHAT

This team, you guys.

Washington Nationals v New York Mets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Against all odds, the Mets took down the Nationals 7-6 in an incredible comeback effort. It was one of the more memorable and, pardon the reference, amazing wins this team has pulled off this season.

Marcus Stroman made his first start at Citi Field and, despite a stretch of seven strikeouts in the first three innings, left the game on the hook for the Mets’ loss. Nine hits, three walks, and nine strikeouts just weren’t enough for Stroman tonight.

The fourth inning is where all the early offense happened, with an Anthony Rendon triple and a Juan Soto home run leading to the Nationals’ three runs. Pete Alonso and J.D. Davis responded with back to back home runs to tie the game in the bottom half of the inning.

Stroman left after a leadoff walk in the seventh inning, and the Nats almost immediately capitalized on the Mets’ bullpen, with Rendon smashing a two-run home run to put the Nats back out in front, 5-3. A wild pitch scored Trea Turner in the top of the ninth to give the Nationals an insurance run.

But the Mets weren’t done. Davis led off with a double and Wilson Ramos singled to begin the inning. Todd Frazier then hit a mammoth shot near the left field foul pole to tie the game. After two more hits, Michael Conforto drove in Juan Lagares to win the game in the bottom of the ninth.

Another positive from the night was that the Mets got lucky when neither Michael Conforto or Jeff McNeil was injured when they collided in the outfield in the fourth. Conforto, who already had a concussion this season, got scraped on his neck by McNeil’s spike, but that was the worst of it, thankfully.

Full recap to follow.

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