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From Complex to Queens, Episode 27: Dollar Sign on the Muscle

The team sits down with Baseball Prospectus senior writers Jeffery Paternostro and Jarrett Seidler in an in-depth discussion on watching and evaluating minor league players.

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Welcome to From Complex to Queens, the podcast from Amazin’ Avenue focusing on the Mets’ minor league system.

First, Steve goes over how the Mets’ Arizona Fall League players are doing in our first AFL update.

Next, Lukas highlights how stats can be a useful tool to reference when analyzing a minor league player.

After, Steve and Ken sit down with Jeffery Paternostro and Jarrett Seidler of Baseball Prospectus. They share their opinions on what to look for when watching players, and a variety of other anecdotes in an in-depth discussion about minor league baseball.

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Email the show at, and follow us on Twitter: Steve (@stevesypa), Lukas Vlahos (@lvlahos343), Ken (@kenlavin91), Jeffery (@jeffpaternostro), and Jarrett (@jaseidler).