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Thanks for the 2019 season, Amazin’ Avenue readers

We appreciate the time you’ve spent on the site.

MLB: Miami Marlins at New York Mets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the Mets’ season has officially come to an end, it seems like the appropriate time for those of us here at Amazin’ Avenue to say thank you. Whether it’s been reading the site, actively participating in the comments, showing up to any incarnations of the AARGH, or anything else related to the site, we appreciate it.

Back in June, none of us were really imagining an exciting second half of the season, but baseball had one of those summers where it turned into something special. And yes, that fell short of an actual playoff appearance from the Mets, but it sure beat the Augusts and Septembers of so many past years.

We couldn’t do it without you, of course. And we really couldn’t do it without the fine folks who pour so much energy into the site. From the moderators to the writers to my deputy Brian Salvatore, there’s a large group of people who care about this community and put real effort into it—despite this not being anyone’s day job. And did you hear how the APOTO crew raised a thousand bucks for charity at their event and led a pledge drive that raised nearly six thousand more? Damn!

We’re not going anywhere this offseason, not that you’d expect anything different. We’ll look back at the season that was, look ahead to free agency and trade rumors, and with any luck, we’ll have an exciting baseball team to write about heading into spring training.