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This Week in Mets Quotes: Mets on blowing a six-run ninth-inning lead and bouncing back the next day

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

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New York Mets v Washington Nationals Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Mets react to blowing a six-run ninth-inning lead.

“Definitely hard to wrap your head around. Coming back from [six] runs down in the bottom of the ninth against guys throwing 99 mph, I don’t have words for that.” -Brandon Nimmo [New York Post]

“When I saw [Suzuki’s] ball, I just said that this game is over. We battled the entire game, the offense battled, [Jacob] deGrom pitched a great game, but at that point I just knew we had lost the game.” -Edwin Diaz [New York Post]

“You have got a six-run lead, major league pitchers have got to be able to hold that. It’s a little tougher [loss] than some others, but we’ll get through it because we have a resilient bunch in there.” -Mickey Callaway [New York Post]

“We are chasing the Nationals, chasing the Cubs, and a game like that we have got to win” -Jeff McNeil

In happier quotes, Thor reacts to pitching a gem after his worst career start...

“It’s all about how you can have a short-term memory. Forget, and move on.” -Noah Syndergaard [MLB]

...and the Mets ended up winning the series at D.C.

“We all knew how tough last night was, but with the group we’ve got in here, we knew that wasn’t going to get to us. We needed to come out with a fresh game today and keep playing the way we’ve been playing.” -Seth Lugo [Mets]

Paywall Alert: Nice piece taking an inside look at a GKR broadcast process.

“My opens are awful. I can’t do an open. My opens are awful. I can’t do an open. I’m always nervous in the opens. Ronnie is smooth as silk. I’m just glad when they’re over.” -Keith Hernandez [The Athletic]

Batting .330+ in September and still making adjustments.

“[Jeff McNeil] and [hitting coach] Chili Davis have really been working on getting a little taller and leveraging the ball a little bit more. You’ll notice his stance is a little higher — so that probably has something to do with the power numbers going up. He feels like he’s comfortable in that position and the kid can hit, so it’s nice to see the homers too.” -Mickey Callaway [New York Post]

J.D. Davis has jokes.

“I think [McNeil] was running out of bats. He was slamming his bat too many times when he got out, so I think it was a matter of time before he found a good one.” -J.D. Davis [New York Post]

It’s been a bummer watch Familia’s struggles this year.

“The reality of it is that I just haven’t been able to get the job done this year.” -Jeurys Familia [MLB]

Narrator: And they actually did take the series from the Nats.

“We had a good opportunity today. We didn’t do it. But with that, we did win the series. What we need to do is just come out, play really well tomorrow, and try to take a series or sweep in Washington.” -Pete Alonso [MLB]

This may shock you but Nimmo happy to be healthy and playing in the big leagues.

“I wasn’t sure that this point would happen during this season and I’m so glad that it has.” -Brandon Nimmo [Newsday]

Going to have to disagree with that last sentence.

“At the time, we didn’t really know what we were dealing with. The first knee-jerk reaction was muscular and I was with them on that. When we went to the second-opinion doctor, he said we did it right the first go-round. The second go-round, you can’t do the same thing again. You gotta give it that month. It’s unfortunate the way that it worked out, that I had to miss so much time when you feel like you could’ve done that in the beginning. But I honestly don’t think we could’ve handled it a different way.” -Brandon Nimmo [Newsday]

In remarkably more good Mets injury news, Cano somehow is back from the IL as well.

“Thank God I don’t feel anything and hopefully I don’t feel anything when I play again Monday. I’m not surprised because I worked really hard. I always thank God for everything. You know how it is. When you work hard, all you see are good results. For me, I’ve got to also give the credit to the trainers, the work that they put in.” -Robinson Cano [Newsday]

Congratulations to Wilson Ramos on his 26 game hitting streak.

“I don’t want to be thinking about [the streak]. I just want to go out there thinking about getting a good pitch to hit. … I don’t want to put pressure on myself, I just want to go out there and have fun.” -Wilson Ramos [MLB]

Mets Tweet of the Week

There are more important things in life than baseball (or football).

“Watching that Andrew Luck thing, it reminded me of how I felt at some points. Injuries had taken away a lot of my love for the game. I didn’t want to keep doing it just to do it. I’d like to be healthy for the rest of my life. I’d like to play sports with my kids, if I ever have them.” -Ike Davis [New York Post]

“You read every article ever written past my ankle injury, it’s all negative. It’s pretty simple to me: My career wasn’t the same after the microfracture surgery on my ankle. That happened. I didn’t run for six or seven months, and then I got valley fever. I felt like the last three, four, five years of my career, I wasn’t even myself. I tried to compete as hard as I could, but it wasn’t very fun. I wasn’t the same talent I used to be. I lost a step. When you’re up at the top level like that, if you lose a step, you’re done.” -Ike Davis [New York Post]

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

“Last game, guess who sunk Thor in the first inning? Rosie torched the last game that Noah pitched in, it only took him one inning. He somehow has managed to give the opposing team at least one run every single game! No team in baseball can keep rolling out a shortstop who has no idea where 2nd base is, this has gone on all season, there is only one shortstop in baseball who can get a double play ball at 2nd, and then look at his feet – which are 10 feet from 2b. It would be humorous if it wasn’t so sad. Put Rosie in Nationals colors today, please or better yet don’t play him.” -dakotamoon

AA Quote of the Week

“Don’t agree it was a “pyrrhic” victory; and don’t agree “season is over”. 2 out of 3 on the road from Gnats and Philth is just what we needed to do. The painful part is knowing we could have been headed home with a pair of sweeps under our belt.” -deegie