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Amazin’ Avenue in Conversation, Episode 17: Anthony DiComo

The co-author of ‘The Captain: A Memoir’ talks about David Wright, the Mets beat, and more.

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2019 BBWAA Awards Dinner

Welcome to Amazin’ Avenue in Conversation, a podcast from Amazin’ Avenue where we invite interesting people on the show to talk about themselves, the Mets, and more.

Anthony DiComo started at as an intern in 2007. He’s been on the Mets beat since 2011, and over that time developed a good relationship with David Wright. Now, just two years after his retirement, Wright and DiComo have written The Captain: A Memoir which just came out on October 13th. Anthony talks with host Brian Salvatore about how he got into writing, working with Wright on the book, and the weirdness that was the 2020 season.

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