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Twitter reactions to Steve Cohen’s purchase of the Mets

It was a highly-anticipated day for Mets fans.

Milwaukee Brewers vs New York Mets

Yesterday afternoon, MLB owners approved the sale of the New York Mets to hedge fund manager Steve Cohen. The purchase makes Cohen the wealthiest owner in the majors, and Mets fans reveled at the news online.

Mike Piazza is excited:

Local writers reacted:

Jeff Passan and Noah Syndergaard made jokes:

Cohen gave an update through a statement:

People started with their requests:

And there was a whole lot of this:

The Mets will enter this year’s winter meetings as one of the most interesting teams in the game, with a solid core of players that contributed to the top offense in the National League, a two-time Cy Young Award winner at the top of the rotation, and now the richest owner in baseball, who just happens to be a lifelong Mets fan.

While it remains unclear if Cohen will spend money on talent this offseason as his initial investment indicates, many Mets fans rejoiced for one reason alone: The Wilpon era in Queens has concluded. And thus begins the Cohen era.