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Should the Mets keep Brodie Van Wagenen around in 2021?

If you were Sandy Alderson, would Brodie be a part of the front office next season?

New York Mets Summer Workouts Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Until the sale to Steve Cohen becomes official, things are going to be especially quiet for the Mets. This is, in part, due to the fact that no one in any managerial capacity is likely aware of just how things are going to shake out when Cohen becomes owner. We know that he plans on hiring Sandy Alderson as Team President, but we really don’t know about the fate of anyone else in the front office.

Which brings us to Brodie Van Wagenen. After two seasons of missing the playoffs, accented even more by the extended playoffs that the Mets still managed to miss in 2020, Van Wagenen’s GM career hasn’t exactly been a rousing success. However, the prospect of working under the fluctuating, unclear budget of the Wilpons would be tough for anyone, and so it is hard to judge just how much of Van Wagenen’s tenure was his fault, or the result of being hamstrung by ownership.

Which brings us to today’s question: if you were in charge of the Mets, would you keep Van Wagenen? Vote in our poll, and then sound off in the comments on why you made the choice you did.

Stay safe, and have a good weekend.


Should the Mets keep Brodie Van Wagenen around?

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  • 20%
    Yes, they should see how he does as general manager under less dysfunctional ownership.
    (602 votes)
  • 16%
    They should keep him in the organization, but not in the general manager role.
    (465 votes)
  • 62%
    No, he should be shown the door.
    (1816 votes)
2883 votes total Vote Now