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Brandon Nimmo underwent tests for irregular heartbeat

It takes more than a minor heart condition to wipe the smile off Brandon Nimmo’s face.

Brandon Nimmo back when he was a minor leaguer in spring training.
Chris McShane

After Brandon Nimmo was scratched from the Mets’ spring training lineup yesterday so that he could receive additional cardiac screening, both the team and Nimmo’s wife confirmed that the issue is not a serious one. Chelsea Nimmo first responded to the media speculation surrounding her husband’s well-being this afternoon on Twitter by assuring everyone that all was well, and the team subsequently confirmed that the outfielder was receiving tests for an irregular heartbeat.

The condition is evidently one that Nimmo has known about for a while, and it is not expected to cause him significant problems. There is not yet any word on when Nimmo will get back on the field, but the news is nevertheless a big relief to fans who worried that the cardiac testing might be the result of some graver issue facing the young outfielder. As he looks to rebound from an injury-plagued 2019, it’s good to know that this issue should not interfere in his attempts.