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Watch an old Mets game: Join us tonight

With no baseball happening right now, we want to try this out and hope it’s enjoyable.

MLB: Miami Marlins at New York Mets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

While there’s simply no replacement for real, live baseball games, we know here at Amazin’ Avenue that one of our greatest assets is this site’s community. So in lieu of new baseball games and in an effort to find some entertainment while we’re all staying home and dealing with the reality of everything right now, we thought it might be nice to get this community together to watch some old games.

We’ll share a link here and on social media this evening, but the plan is to watch our first game tonight at 7:10 PM EDT. We’ll be using a thing called twoseven, which will allow us to control playback of the game so that we are all seeing it at the same time. We’ll withhold the specific game so that you have the opportunity to go into things fresh, but as a hint, it’s a game from the 2014 season. And it’s a good one.

For this first attempt at gathering online for baseball, we’re going to use the chat on twoseven, and we recommend setting up a free account there so you have a username and no issues getting on the site when we go “live” with the game. We will not be using audio or video, just the text chat.

So with that, check back here later today or check our social media feeds for a link 30-60 minutes before we start watching the game together. If you’re missing the Mets, we hope this is a good time and helps!

Join us!