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How are you doing?

We just wanted to check in.

San Diego Padres v New York Mets Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Walking the dog in New York City this morning, things felt really out of place. It’s been over a month since Opening Day was originally scheduled to happen, but today really felt like a baseball kind of morning with plenty of sunshine and temperatures warm enough that you wouldn’t freeze if you were heading out to Citi Field.

The lack of baseball is far from the most serious problem facing everyone right now, but given how intertwined the sport is with our daily lives from late March through late October, its absence serves as a daily reminder that things are anything but normal right now.

We’ve been trying our best to come up with things related to or inspired by the Mets, having a team of deGroms play a team of Coles in MLB: The Show, playing through a simulated version of the 2020 season in OOTP, bringing back the always-useful Mind Boggler series of quizzes, bringing our podcast recordings to Facebook Live starting with an excellent episode of APOTO, recommending all sorts of things that we enjoy doing at home, and getting to know you all a bit more.

So we just wanted to check in and ask: How are you doing? We talk about the community here a lot, and during normal times, sometimes it sounds a bit corny or cliché. But it’s an important part of what this site is, and the overwhelming amount of comments in the aforementioned getting-to-know-you post were great to see. Are you holding up okay? What have you been doing to keep yourself occupied while staying home? Whatever you’re comfortable chatting about here, there’s a community of passionate, smart Mets fans who are here as we all try to stay safe and get through this unnerving experience.