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If You Give the Mets a Cookie

They will ask for a glass of 2% milk.


In the spirit of the most delightful story coming out of spring training this year, and Laura Numeroff’s classic If You Give a Mouse a Cookie we present to you If You Give the Mets a Cookie.

If you give the Mets a cookie,

They will ask for a glass of 2% milk.

When you give them the milk,

J.D. Davis will ask for a spoon,

He’ll want the spoon to dip peanut butter chips.

When they eat the peanut butter chips, it will remind the team of the peanuts you find at Citi Field.

When they are done eating, Pete Alonso will want to go to the stadium to hit dingers.

He might get carried away and hit balls to every part of the park.

Willow McNeil may end up chasing some as well!

When they are done Alonso will want his jersey ripped off.

You’ll have to pretend it’s a walk-off and run out of the dugout.

Dominic Smith will get on his scooter, scoot around the bases, and douse teammates with Gatorade.

He will probably then want a new shirt.

You’ll get him a new shirt, but then Michael Conforto will want one too.

The new shirt will remind Conforto of the time his shirt got ripped off and will want to watch the highlights. He’ll ask to put it on TV.

He’ll watch the game.

When the game is finished, Nimmo will want to watch his walk-off walk,

and sprint to first.

Then he’ll want to take Jake Nimmo for a walk which means he’ll need a leash.

He’ll go for a walk with Jeff McNeil and Willow, and on the way they will get thirsty.

So, they’ll want a glass of milk.

And chances are if they ask for a glass of milk,

They’ll want cookies to go with it.