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Watch an old Mets game: A Big Pelf start with guest Ted Berg

We go back to a Big Pelf start with an incredibly satisfying Mets lineup.

San Francisco Giants v New York Mets

Tonight, we’re doing something we first tried a couple of weeks back: watching an old Mets game. Like last time, we won’t give away the exact game ahead of time so you’ll be going in pretty fresh, and unlike last time, we’ll have a special guest: Ted Berg. If you’ve been following the Mets on the internet over the years, you need no introduction to Ted, but just in case you do, he’s written for SNY and USA Today in the past and is actively writing on Tedquarters, his excellent site.

As for the game tonight, we’ll start watching at 8:00 PM EDT. We’re using a thing called twoseven to keep the game in sync for everyone and plan on watching an old game started by Mike Pelfrey. We had a lot of fun doing this the first time, and if you’re interested in joining in, we recommend creating a free account over at twoseven beforehand. The video of the game comes from MLB’s extensive archives that were posted to YouTube back when this crisis was starting.

A couple of housekeeping points: We recommend using theater mode in twoseven for the best layout of the video and chat areas, and we’ll update this post and AA’s social media with the link to join us about 15-30 minutes before we start watching.