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Introducing UltiMET of the Millennium Madness: The Play-in games

Let’s forget about Mets villains and focus on the best of the best from the new millennium!

Sheat Stadium

We just spent the better part of three weeks reliving some horrific memories from our New York Mets fandom as we voted on the biggest villain in franchise history (congratulations again to Fred and Jeff Wilpon. It was a truly well-deserved win.) We got tired of dwelling on the bad, so we thought it was time to turn our attention to better memories. As a result, we brainstormed some ideas over at Amazin’ Avenue HQ on how to participate in something far more pleasant. The idea of doing a bracket for all-time Mets seemed pretty obvious but also a little bit played out, so we instead turned our sights to focusing on recent players.

Introducing the UltiMEt of the Millennium Madness tournament! Over the next three weeks, we will see who really was the best player to don the orange and blue since the year 2000 began. We came up with 68 players who have left a mark (big and small) on the team, and we’ll have the Amazin’ Avenue community vote to see who moves on each time.

For simplicity and for neatness, we broke down the brackets into four five-year spans: 2000-2004, 2005-2009, 2010-2014, and 2015-2019. Conveniently, this translated roughly to the Mike Piazza era, the early David Wright era, the later David Wright/early Citi Field era, and the Jacob deGrom/2015 NL Champions era. As a general rule, we tried to focus on players whose impact was felt within those years, so if a player made their mark mostly in 1997-1999, you may not see them in the 2000 bracket. We tried to stick players within the time frame where they made the most impact, but took some liberties in places in order to ensure we didn’t leave off players we wanted to see in the tournament.

We’re switching things up a little bit this time and introducing the play-in games for the final four spots in the tournament. Much like the NCAA March Madness tournament does now, we will have four vote-ins to see who will earn the 16th seed for a chance to pull off the ultimet upset.

In the 2000-2004 region, we picked two outfielders (Timo Perez and Jay Payton) who played for the NL Champions squad. In the 2005-2009 region, we took two valuable bench bats (Ramon Castro and Fernando Tatis) who had plenty of opportunities to contribute and generally did when called upon. In the 2010-2014 region, we went with Kaptain Kirk Nieuwenhuis and his impossibly-long name against 2014 Opening Day starter Dillon Gee. Finally, in the 2015-2019 region, we went with the always-dependable Jerry Blevins (who led the 2018 Mets in batting average) against Ty Kelly, the last man to get a postseason hit for the Mets and a budding social media superstar. Poll are now open to see who moves on!


2000-2004 Vote-in game: Timo Perez vs. Jay Payton

This poll is closed

  • 40%
    Timo Perez
    (83 votes)
  • 59%
    Jay Payton
    (121 votes)
204 votes total Vote Now


2005-2009 Vote-in game: Ramon Castro vs. Fernando Tatis

This poll is closed

  • 42%
    Ramon Castro
    (88 votes)
  • 57%
    Fernando Tatis
    (120 votes)
208 votes total Vote Now


2010-2014 Vote-in game: Kirk Nieuwenhuis vs. Dillon Gee

This poll is closed

  • 57%
    Kirk Nieuwenhuis
    (121 votes)
  • 42%
    Dillon Gee
    (90 votes)
211 votes total Vote Now


2015-2019 Vote-in game: Ty Kelly vs. Jerry Blevins

This poll is closed

  • 16%
    Ty Kelly
    (34 votes)
  • 83%
    Jerry Blevins
    (178 votes)
212 votes total Vote Now

We will reveal the full tournament after this round, but in the meantime, try seeing if you can figure out which players you can make out from the redacted bracket!