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Mets Mind Boggler: Pitchers who hit a home run with the Mets

We’re revisiting and updating an old Mind Boggler with this one.

The New York Mets V Pittsburgh Pirates, Citi Field, Queens, New York. Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

Although we missed the opportunity to celebrate a certain anniversary earlier this month, there’s never really a bad time to revisit one of the fun rarities in National League baseball: the pitcher home run. Unfortunately, the phenomenon might be approaching extinction, as Major League Baseball is considering a universal DH in a hypothetical shortened 2020 season—a big if, to say the last.

But in the glorious era of pitchers hitting, there have been 62 games in Mets history that saw a pitcher hit a home run in them, a fitting number for a team that came into existence in 1962.

We ran a Mets Mind Boggler with the same criteria, in a slightly different format, back in 2015, but there have been a fair share of Mets pitcher home runs in the years since, and it’s been so long since that one that it’s fair to say the vast majority of those who took part in it would probably not remember all of those names. So head on over to Sporcle and give this one a shot. Can you name every Mets pitcher to hit a home run? Game dates and the number of home runs hit in the game are provided as hints.

Every Mets pitcher to hit at least one home run in a game

You’ll have ten minutes for this quiz, and as per usual, last name-only answers work. Good luck, and when you’re done, remember to come back here to post your time and score in the comments! And hat tip to the Baseball-Reference Play Index, the source for this data and the vast majority of the data used in this series over the years.