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Mets Mind Boggler: 3 HR games

Can you name all of the Mets to hit three home runs in a single game?

MLB: APR 03 Braves at Mets Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In the history of Major League Baseball, only sixteen players have hit four home runs in a single game. Although none of them did so while playing for the Mets, a few of that elite group either played for or managed the Mets at some point in their careers: Carlos Delgado, Shawn Green, Mike Cameron, Willie Mays, and Gil Hodges.

If you lower the bar to three home runs in a single game, though, there are thirteen unique players who have achieved the feat while playing for the Mets—with one of them having done it twice. So let’s see if you can name all of the players to have done so in this quiz over at Sporcle:

Mets who have hit 3 HR in a single game

You’ll have four minutes for this quiz, and as per usual, last name-only answers work. Good luck, and when you’re done, remember to come back here to post your time and score in the comments! And hat tip to the Baseball-Reference Play Index, the source for this data and the vast majority of the data used in this series over the years.