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Open thread: MLB Draft, Rounds 2-5, 6/11/20

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If you’re tuning in to the rest of the vastly shortened draft, chat about it here.

2020 Major League Baseball Draft Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Major League Baseball’s amateur draft, which was shortened to just five rounds during the pandemic, concludes today with the second through fifth rounds. Today’s portion of the draft begins at 5 PM EDT and can be viewed on MLB Network,, and ESPN 2.

With their first-round pick last night, the 19th overall in the draft, the Mets took Pete Crow-Armstrong, a center fielder with a reputation for stellar defense. Here’s some of what Steve Sypa wrote in his profile of Crow-Armstrong:

While there are questions about his offensive potential, there are no questions about his defensive potential. Not only does Crow-Armstrong play center field, but he excels at virtually every aspect of the position. He reads the ball well off the bat and shows an advanced understanding of routes. A plus runner, he effortlessly glides around the outfield, showing a great deal of range. He releases the ball quickly, and his arm is above-average in terms of arm strength and accuracy. He is vocal and a leader among his fellow outfielders, taking charge and directing traffic.

This evening, the Mets have a total of five picks, with one each in the second through fifth rounds plus the 69th overall pick in the draft, which is the compensation pick the team received when Zack Wheeler signed with the Phillies.