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From Complex To Queens, Episode 65: MLB 2020 Draft, Part 2

It was a busy night two of the 2020 MLB Draft.

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Welcome to From Complex to Queens, the podcast from Amazin’ Avenue focusing on the Mets’ minor league system.

In part two of our special live 2020 Draft coverage, Steve, Lukas, Ken, and Thomas break down the players that the Mets selected on night two of the 2020 MLB Draft. Following the selection of Pete Crow-Armstrong on night one with their first round pick, the Mets made a few interesting and slightly surprising selections with their next five picks, selecting JT Ginn in the second round, Isaiah Greene with their compensation selection for losing Zack Wheeler, Anthony Walters in the third round, Matthew Dyer in the fourth round, and Eric Orze in the fifth round.

The team goes over who these players are and share how they think the Mets did overall in this very unique 2020 draft.

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Until next week, #lovethemets #lovethemets!