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2020 Mets Draft: An introduction to Major League Baseball’s draft

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The amateur draft is right around the corner. Where will the Mets be selecting, and just how will the process work this season?

New York Mets Introduce Luis Rojas
Brodie Van Wagenen
Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

On June 10, Major League Baseball will host its 56th annual Rule 4 draft, better known as the first-year player draft. The Mets ended the regular season with an 86-76 record in 2019, third place in the National League East, and will make the 19th overall selection. Because the Boston Red Sox lost their ability to select a second-round pick, the Mets will have the 52nd overall pick in the second round. As compensation for Zack Wheeler signing with the Phillies, the Mets will receive the 69th overall selection in the Free-Agent Compensation round.

Draft-eligible players come from a variety of backgrounds. The following players residing in the United States and its territories are eligible to be drafted:

  • All college juniors and seniors
  • College freshmen and sophomores at four-year programs who are at least 21 years of age at the time of the draft
  • All junior college players, regardless of age
  • High school seniors

The 2020 MLB Draft will be unlike any draft that has come before. Normally 40 rounds long, the 2020 MLB Draft will be limited to just five, its 160 picks down 87% from the 1,217 selected in the 2019 MLB. Because fewer players will be selected, the assigned draft bonus pools for all thirty Major League Baseball ballclubs will be smaller as well. All 30 teams combined will have a total of $235,906,800 to spend on the 2020 draft class, with the Mets having a $7,174,700 bonus pool.

The Mets’ first-round selection, the 19th overall pick, has an assigned slot value of $3,359,000. Their second-round selection, the 52nd overall pick, has an assigned slot value of $1,403,20069. Their next pick, compensation for losing Zack Wheeler to the Philadelphia Phillies, will be the 69th overall selection and will have an assigned slot value of $929,800. Their third-round selection, the 91st overall pick, has an assigned slot value of $647,300. Their fourth-round selection, the 120th overall pick, has an assigned slot value of $478,300. Their fifth-round selection, the 150th overall pick, has an assigned slot value of $357,100. For comparison’s sake, the Mets drafted Brett Baty with the 12th overall pick, Joshua Wolf with the 53rd overall pick, Matthew Allan with the 89th overall pick, Jake Mangum with the 118th overall pick, and Nathan Jones with the 148th overall pick, spending a combined $8.85 million on the five players.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all NCAA and high school baseball programs were shut down throughout February and March. In addition to the draft itself being abbreviated, scouts and evaluators will be working with an abbreviated amount of information, though any players considered follows have reports going back prior to 2020, be they high school or college players.