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Baseball fans expect Braves to win NL East, deGrom to win Cy Young

Here are the latest SB Nation Reacts results.

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New York Mets Summer Workouts

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Fans across the country made their predictions for the 2020 MLB season. Assuming the season starts and finishes as planned, fans believe the Braves will win the NL East, according to the results from the latest SB Nation Reacts survey.

According to the predictions, the Yankees, Twins, Astros, Braves, Brewers, and Dodgers will win their respective divisions.

From there, 47% of fans think the Dodgers will win the pennant and make it to the World Series. They are followed by the Braves, Nationals, Cubs, and Brewers.

The survey showed fans think the Dodgers will eventually be World Series champs, with 25 percent of the vote. They are followed by the Yankees, Braves, Rays, and then the Cubs.

Additionally, fans predicted Mike Trout and Christian Yelich will win the MVP Award, while Gerrit Cole and Jacob deGrom will earn the Cy Young.

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