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60 Games in 60 Words

We share our final thoughts on the start of this bizarre season.

MLB Opening Day Postponed Due To Coronavirus Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

In just a few minutes, the Mets will begin the 2020 baseball season. Without hyperbole, this is the strangest season in baseball history, and today doesn’t feel like Opening Day in the slightest. This is, of course, the fault of no one, but it is hard to know exactly what to feel today. Mixed feelings is the cocktail of the day.

Since we are all in the same boat, our staff decided to sum up our feelings on the 60 game season in exactly 60 words. We encourage all our readers to follow suit in the comments.

Let’s Go Mets.

Brian Salvatore

If the Mets can remain healthy and COVID-19 free, this 60 game season could be a nice distraction from the terrible reality of American life over the past four months. But if, at any time, playing baseball becomes detrimental to the health of literally anyone, please, for the love of Dickey, shut it down. Life matters more. Let’s go Mets.

Christian Romo

I think it would be really cool if Brandon Nimmo worked a walk and Jeff McNeil shot a single into right field and Nimmo advanced to third and Pete Alonso hit a sacrifice fly to score Nimmo and Yoenis Céspedes hit a two-run dinger and they did that like 100 times and the Mets won the World Series this year.

Grace Carbone

Marcus Stroman is hurt. That’s it, back up the truck, plow the field under, turn this website into a blog about sensational streets. In reality, I’m just glad to have baseball back. I just hope we can get through the whole season without a horrific injury or someone getting seriously ill. Normal aggressive Mets fandom will resume again next season.

Allison McCague

I’ve been oscillating back and forth between excitement and rage tinged with existential dread. So, I guess, in a way, it’s just like a normal Mets season. I just hope Jacob deGrom wins a third Cy Young and no one becomes seriously ill. I’ll close my eyes during extra inning games and pretend the runner on second isn’t there. LFGM.

Kory Powell

The Mets have been a huge part of my life since I was a kid. Even though this season is going to be different than others, I’m beyond excited to tune into SNY every night and listen to Gary, Keith, and Ron while watching the team I love. An added bonus will be if they’re good, so with that, LFGM.

David Capobianco

Look, this season is a sham. It’s fake. All I can hope for is something to feel normal or right. In the past week, I’ve gotten annoyed about reliever usage, Brodie Van Wagenen quotes, and injuries, which feels about as normal as anything. Mets Baseball: Catch the Fever, folks. Wait. No, don’t do that. That’s bad. Don’t put that in.

Rich Staff

If we’re being honest, this season shouldn’t happen. It’s not entirely safe, it’s not well thought out, and it’s very likely that someone is going to get seriously ill at some point. But, while it does continue to roll on, screwy playoffs, homeless teams, and all, it’s a taste of normalcy in the weirdest year this side of the Renaissance.

Michael Drago

It is a herculean task to limit the number of words I am allowed to write to express my fears and hopes for this bizarre season of baseball to a mere sixty, but alas, this is the task that has been placed before us all. As such, I shall master the skills of brevity and punctuality in discussing my heartfelt

Rich Resch

To keep myself from getting my hopes up that this ill advised season will actually happen, my mantra all offseason has been “this isn’t going to work.” But for however long this season turns out to be, I’ll be watching. Get it while it’s good. Get your New York sports here! Remember those commercials? Anyway, this isn’t going to work.

Kenneth Lavin

First and foremost, I’m hoping everyone, from the players and field staff to the grounds and broadcast crews stays safe and healthy through the 60 game season. I also am looking forward to getting to see Andres Gimenez, and all of the other prospects that will be helped by the expanded roster rules, finally make it to the big leagues.

Linda Surovich

It’s been hard getting excited for baseball given * gestures at everything * but when my mans JD embraced his JD-ness and comforted Moroff I remembered why I adore this team. So while I slowly morph into George Bluth “NO TOUCHING” this season, I’ll also be wearing my new Davis shirsey like a sucker. *screams in JD* LET”S GO METS!

Thomas Henderson

It goes without saying that I wish for everyone to come back from this season healthy, both in terms of baseball injuries and because of the literal deadly virus we have in this county. I also realized how I took sports for granted; from playing, to coaching, to writing, to blogging. We must savor sports, because they can vanish quickly.

Vasilis Drimalitis

I’ve been trying so hard to get myself excited for baseball, which is typically not a herculean task. I hope that when deGrom takes the hill, something will click and I’ll feel that joy and comfort that baseball always brings us. But more than anything, I hope everyone involved stays healthy and this MLB season does more good than harm.

Rob Wolff

It’s impossible not to start by simply hoping this season is as safe as possible and not a health disaster. If that proves true, and baseball provides us fleeting moments of escape and relief, that will suffice. And also the Mets finish this absurd season on top, and I spend the rest of my life scoffing at the word “asterisk.”

Maggie Wiggin

Sixty games means Jacob deGrom takes the mound 12 times. Maybe 13 if the off-days align. That works out to roughly 230 outs we have the privilege of watching him induce. “In these uncertain times”, Jacob deGrom’s ability to get every last one of those 230 outs is one of the few guarantees. Wear a mask, Jake, we need you.

Jack McLoone

60 games are not a lot of games, compared to a 162-game season. 60 games are, however, a lot of games compared to the number that MLB probably should be playing, which is 0. With that in mind, my hopes for this season are 1) I guess not too many cases and 2) a fraud World Series for the Mets.

Lukas Vlahos

All I want is for everyone to stay healthy and for the Mets to not win the World Series, because I don’t want their first championship in my lifetime to be tarnished by COVID and the ridiculous expanded playoffs. That’s all I’ve got, so here are some nonsense padding words; Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do

Steve Sypa

I’m happy baseball is back, but it’s hard to get excited. Win, lose, it’s all gonna get an asterisk anyway. With that in mind, this weird 60-game season would be the perfect time to have one of those laughably bad seasons the Wilpons have avoided at all costs and get in a good drafting position for the 2021 MLB Draft.

Chris McShane

Over the course of 60 games, I hope to see Jacob deGrom win his third Cy Young in a row, Yoenis Cespedes to hit home runs and bring joy to the field like only he can, the Mets to win it all, and everyone involved in the process of playing this weird Major League Baseball season stay healthy and safe.