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Final Score: Red Sox 4, Mets 2—Wanted: One Big Hit

Missed opportunities once again sunk the Mets.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at New York Mets Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

If there is one lesson to be learned from tonight’s Mets game, it’s that you need to produce with runners in scoring position to win baseball games. This is, to most, common knowledge, but somebody might want to tell the Mets.

In a 4-2 loss to the Red Sox, the Mets were a paltry 1-for-10 with RISP and left nine more runners on base. In an eighth inning rally where they had a runner on third with less than two outs, Michael Conforto struck out and, after Yoenis Cespedes walked to load the bases, Andres Gimenez grounded out to end the rally without a run. It was another pitiful display from a lineup that was meant to be the team’s biggest strength heading into this strange year.

Christian Vazquez provided a bulk of the offense for Boston prior to the ninth inning, as he unloaded for two home runs off Steven Matz in the second and fourth innings. In between those two home runs, Jeff McNeil drove home New York’s only runs with a bases loaded single in the bottom of the third.

Edwin Diaz loaded the bases with nobody out in the ninth and, after striking out Rafael Devers, hit Jose Peraza to force in the fourth run of the game. That was the last pitch he threw, as he was lifted for Paul Sewald, who navigated the rest of the inning without allowing another run.

Full recap to follow.

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