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This Week in Mets Quotes: Panic City is denied, Pete Alonso curses

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

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Washington Nationals v New York Mets Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Your 2020 New York Mets: I don’t think we’ll ever hit the panic button.

“I don’t think we’ll ever really hit the panic button. We’re continuously putting ourselves in positions to win. We’re not just getting overmatched at the plate, we’re not just getting blown out, so that’s one of the positives. … Once we get it going, we can go on a little run. We know we’re close to getting on a good run.” -Dom Smith [New York Post]

Personally, just enjoying the ride and ignoring the 4.80 xFIP.

“With every start, I feel I get more comfortable here. I learn more . . . I’ve gotten a good taste in three starts and I’m trying to work off the successes that I’ve had,” said Peterson, the Mets’ first-round pick in the 2017 draft. “I’ve been up here for a reason and that gives me confidence to get out of any jam and I take that into my starts.” -David Peterson [Newsday]

I said this last season, but again, I really want a reporter to do a deep dive into J.D.’s prep, which seems so interesting.

“This kid [J.D. Davis] is so disciplined with his approach. That’s kind of his No. 1 thing along with his ability to hit. This kid does a lot of homework.” -Luis Rojas [MLB]

deGrom on a start he gave up 2 ERs and was hurt.

“A couple pitches I could feel it a little bit — the ball slipped off, and I could feel like I was getting a blister. But I was fine. I told them I was fine... I’m still going to go out there every fifth day. That’s the goal.” -Jacob deGrom [MLB]

Seth Lugo sheds a single tear.

“Right now, [Gsellman’s] part of the rotation. That’s how I see it. … That’s what we’re looking for him now, for this season. Past that is something obviously that we can discuss. But right now, this is the plan according to the circumstances that have fallen into place.” -Luis Rojas [MLB]

Proper warmup led to 3 ER over 2 IP but glad that felt good. (Author’s Note: Gsellman was put in a tough spot and the headline is meant in jest.)

“Man, I was so nervous. I felt like a little kid again. To go through your proper warmup, your routine that you knew since you were in high school … it felt good to go through that.” -Robert Gsellman [MLB]

It’s also a lot more profitable which is why Lugo ‘lobby’ to start...

“I’m prepared to go as a starter, whatever they need. I love to start. It’s a lot more fun. So we’ll see.” -Robert Gsellman [MLB]

...but is denied.

“The conversation that we’ve had is how valuable [Seth Lugo] is for our bullpen. He’s of great value. Seth can be used to save games, to come in after the starter, give us two innings. …He can do so many things in the ‘pen for us. He’s a guy that can get stretched out and be a starter, but right now he’s helping us in the bullpen very well as well.” -Luis Rojas [North Jersey]

I have also been super comfortable in Diaz’s appearances lately.

“I’ve liked everything. I’ve been able to command my pitches the way that I’ve wanted to, I’ve been able to throw my fastball for strikes, I’ve been able to throw my slider early in the count, late in the count. I’ve just been super comfortable with my outings the last five outings.” -Edwin Diaz [North Jersey]

This is non-Mets but wanted AA to know Sam Darnold’s In-N-Out Order. Personally, I respect that it’s not a Double-Double Animal Style even if I disagree.

“Number 1, grilled onions, Neapolitan shake. Easy.” -Sam Darnold [New York Post]

This Week in Andres Gimenez Love.

“There’s going to be an adjustment period as far as pitchers — how they throw [Gimenez], how they try to get him out and I have no doubt he’s going to make those adjustments.” -Ryan Ellis, the Mets minor-league hitting coordinator [The Athletic]

Seriously, me either: Porcello on a DP by Gimenez and Guillermo.

“I’ve never seen a double play turned that fast.” -Rick Porcello [The Athletic]

ESPN did a fun profile on Pete Alonso. Personally, Pete saying how much it meant for NYC for him to beat Aaron Judge’s rookie HR record is my favorite quote.

“It’s like, ‘Holy shit, I did it. That’s it. It’s like I can’t believe it. And then seeing all the fans there, I was looking around and everyone’s going crazy and I just couldn’t believe it. Just the positive energy, the energy that the fans were giving off, I felt the love, I felt the energy, I felt the true passion and I felt that that home run meant so much more, so much for the city of New York.” -Pete Alonso [ESPN]

Dating myself, but Pete is clearly the IRL version of Chris Farley’s SNL bit of interviewing famous people.

“The happiest person in the clubhouse. [Alonso’s] always happy talking to everybody, and I love that. He makes sure that he gives everybody attention.” -Robinson Cano [ESPN]

Hell yeah.

“I was kind of a weird guy but being weird is cool. Don’t change for anything.” -Pete Alonso [ESPN]

Dom Smith lobbying to play catcher is the B-Plot of this season that I am most interested in.

“[Dom Smith] always tells me that he’s my emergency everything. Of course, he wanted to pitch that ninth inning too (Monday) night.” -Luis Rojas [Newsday]

“Smith went as far as to work out behind the plate for a few minutes Tuesday afternoon with catching instructor Brian Schneider, making throws to second.” -Tim Healey [Newsday]

“Dom’s smooth, you never know. But nothing specifically that we’re working on.” -Luis Rojas [Newsday]

Did not expect Brach Brach discussing being on the IL to start the season to be a perfect representation of my universal feeling of powerlessness and meaninglessness in this moment.

“I don’t know if I would have made a difference at all, but you always think that as a reliever.” -Brad Brach [New York Post]

Wacha respects the Marlins SSS start to the season.

“If you’ve been around this game for a while now, you can see some crazy stuff. They’re still big league ballplayers. They’re going out there and they’re playing. Nobody’s really giving them a chance, and so I’m sure they’ve got that posted up on their bulletin boards, playing with a little chip on their shoulders. You never know what can happen. Especially in this game, you never know what can happen.” -Michael Wacha [MLB]

I fully support Stroman’s decision.

“Stroman said he’s looking out for the best intentions of his family. He didn’t want to be in the situation of “many uncertainties,” including traveling to Florida and the COVID-19 spikes that continue to occur in baseball and throughout the country.” -Deesha Thosar [Twitter]


“MLB and the MLBPA came to an agreement for a reason. I would never say anything about against anybody who does opt out because you just never know where guys’ heads are at and how they’re feeling at the time. This really isn’t something to mess around with. I wouldn’t say I was necessarily scared or nervous when I had the virus, but it’s definitely one of those things where you definitely just need to take a step back and realize there’s bigger things than baseball, really.” -Brad Brach [Newsday]

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

“Disagree. I have a problem with Stroman opting out. If this was done from the beginning of the season no issue. Instead he waited just long enough to accrue service time so he could reach free agency. If he did it straight up at the beginning of the season no free agency. Yes he gamed the system just like the team games service time when players are brought up. But he picked up his ball and went home. Maybe a little something to do with COVID, but more hey I can not pitch still made some money this year and not free agency. Don’t like how it was done, if you had fears of COVID opt out from the start not after you accrued time.” -focker5183

AA Quote of the Week

“Good for [Stroman]. Any player who calls the emperor out on his nudity gets an A+ from me.” -Kepler